Emi Gennis's fantastic, super spooky (give out copies at Halloween to the neighborhood kids!) Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends is now available on Amazon, if that’s the kind of place you like to buy your books.

Of course, it’s still availble at the Hic & Hoc store, and at many fine comic book retailers, which are other good places to buy books.  I’m just saying.

Sample pages here by Mike Roy, Steve Seck, Evan A, Simon Moreton, Doug Slack and Andy Glass.

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I’ve been thinking about the comics I treasure the most since I’ve started collecting small press stuff around five years ago, and that led me to think about the number of amazing series in that time frame that have had just solid long runs.  

Oily is the torchbearer, as far as I’m concerned, with three incredible series that went way high into issue numbers (Charles Forsman’s TEOTFW, Melissa Mendes’ Lou and Max de Radigues’ Moose).  I expect Michel Fiffe will keep on delivering with his beauitful Copra series (I think now up to five issues).   I really hope that Chris Kuzma keeps up Complex, and that Michael Hawkins does the same with Frosnall Graaf (both three issues deep).

I’m sure I’m forgetting fantastic things but as I think on it right now here are ten of the absolute best long run (long being 5+ issues) small press comics over the past few years, in alphabetical order, and excluding people that I’ve published:

1. Box Brown - Everything Dies

2. Elijah Brubaker - Reich

3. Caitlin Cass - Great Moments of Western Ciziliation

4. Charles Forsman - Snake Oil

5. Damien Jay - The Natural World (OK, this has only run four issues to date, but it’s SO DAMNED EPIC)

6. Patrick Kyle - Black Mass

7. Patrick Kyle - Distance Mover

8. L. Nichols - Jumbly Junkery

9. Steve Seck - Life Is Good

10. Katie Skelly - Nurse Nurse

Finally, if you’re not following either of Bernie McGovern’s series — An Army of Lovers Will Be Beaten and DemonDust — you’re really mising out. And the standalone comic I published, DemonTears, is also mandatory reading.

Steve Seck's Monday Saddies.

Stuff I’m going to get at SPX, part 1:
Steve Seck's collected Life Is Good.

Stuff I’m going to get at SPX, part 1:

Steve Seck's collected Life Is Good.

Steve Seck!
Steve Secj.

Steve Secj.