CAB Scene Report

Kudos to Gabe for putting together a fantastic weekend.  My plan is to beat everyone else to the scene reports, so here goes:

1. Amy Jean Porter’s book turned out wonderfully — thanks to Guy Pettit at Flying Object and Sean Knickerbocker at Good Pals — and sold wonderfully, too.

2. Within minutes of the doors opening, everyone I saw had a copy of Gregory Benton’s B&F in their hands.

3. If I had a nickel for everytime someone asked me “Do you know if Sam Gaskin is around today?” I’d have twenty cents.

4. For the second time in my life as an exhibitor, I talked someone out of buying a book.  I’ll spare the feelings of the artist whose book did not sell this time, but the previous occasion was at MoCCA 2012 when I persuaded Matthew Thurber that buying a copy of Rub the Blood was a bad idea because it’d be difficult to store.

5. Only one person yesterday started on a pitch that went along the lines of “It’s sort of a superhero comic, but not really a superhero comic …”

6. I went in to CAB thinking “Goddammit, everybody’s going to be talking about the Fantagraphics Kickstarter all weekend,” but since no one brought it up with me, I went around asking people, “So, what do you think of the Fantagraphics Kickstarter?”

7. I did not actually see any of the Culkin brothers at the afterparty, but I am telling all my non-comics friends that I did anyway.

8. I find CAB super sad because it marks the end of comic conventions for almost half a year.  I get used to seeing and meeting all sortsa great folks between spring and fall, and then have to wait through a long dark winter to see everyone again.  If you like me are experiencing post-partum depression, please feel free to come out to New Jersey and we will split a beer. (NOTE TO SELF: This paragraph slips into uncharacteristic sincerity and sentimentality — delete before posting.)